Bramidae: M II A4



Egg diameter in µm

Number of oil globules

Diameter of oil globule in µm

Yolk texture

Perivitelline space

Position of oil globule at hatch

Gut length   at eye- pigment stage








26% of NL



Egg: The egg initially has a multiple oil globule (A), but after 72 hours, they had reduced to 3, and by 96 hours (B), to 1 oil globule of  240µm (C).  Black and yellow pigment was dense in the head of the later larva (D).  Incubation was 132 hours.

Larva: The 1-day larva has the distinct yellow head and unpigmented tail of a bramid (E). A: 4 hours PC (but about 8 hours assuming morning spawning), B: 3 days PC, C: 4 days PC, D: 5.5 days PC, E: 1day PH (21°C).

This egg was only seen once, and matched well, the features of  Brama brama (LIA4), except for the size of the egg, and the egg stage showing two big blotches of black pigment on the developing embryo (LIA4 Plate A), not seen in this egg. Thus it is recorded separately here, but should probably be added to B. brama. The egg was recorded in May 1987.