Exocoetidae: M I A2




Egg diameter in µm

Number of oil globules

Diameter of oil globule in µm

Yolk texture

Perivitelline space

Position of oil globule at hatch

Gut length   at eye- pigment stage




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?% of NL



Egg: The series of photographs above are of the same egg, from Plate A (day of collection) to Plate D (day 16, 22°C). The egg hatched the following day but the larva was not photographed. Initially there was a cluster of tiny oil globules, the largest measuring 120µm.

Larva: Undescribed, but the large head and blue pigment can be seen in Plate D.


This egg has only been seen twice, in May 1988 and January 2002. No larvae have been available for DNA barcoding.