Pomacanthidae: L III G2

Centropyge acanthops (Norman, 1922)

Jumping bean





Egg diameter in µm

Number of oil globules

Diameter of oil globule in µm

Yolk texture

Perivitelline space

Position of oil globule at hatch

Gut length   at eye- pigment stage








?% of NL



Egg: Just prior to hatching, the egg has a dense row of black pigment, dorsally on the larva, as a solid band from nose to tail tip. The oil globule is clear. Incubation is 21 hours (26°C). Spawning occurs in the evening.

Larva: The NH larva is shown in C.  


The egg was first seen after a pair spawned in the home aquarium of Rose and Arthur Douglas in Durban on the evening of 16 March 1989. The eggs were laid at about 17h00, and hatched the following day at 14h00. The egg was only seen on four occasions in the wild, in September 2003, August 2004, December 2008 and February 2010, the first two occasions as a single egg, the latter two as 4 and 2 eggs respectively. They hatched while in the sorting bowl, confirming the incubation period of less than 24 hours. None have been barcoded.