Sciaenidae: L II B6

Umbrina robinsoni Gilchrist & Thompson 1908

Slender baardman


Egg diameter in µm

Number of oil globules

Diameter of oil globule in µm

Yolk texture

Perivitelline space

Position of oil globule at hatch

Gut length   at eye- pigment stage








41% of NL



Egg: Fresh eggs have a clear to light amber oil globule, and due to their common size, are indistinguishable from a group of triglids, sparids and cheilodactylids. Big black and smudgy orange-yellow stellate pigment spots develop on the embryo later (A), and the oil globule darkens due to black pigment ventrally. Incubation is about 48 hours.

Larva: The dense brown-black pigment surrounding the notochord from shoulder to mid-tail, additionally spotted with orange-yellow pigment (B), distinguishes this early larva from all others in the area, except LIIIA4.  At 3-5 days the dark pigment has re-arranged into the pattern shown in Plates C & D, with the distinctive shoulder patch extending into the dorsal finfold. At 21 days the larva was postflexion (E). This species proved quite easy to rear. Plate F shows a 50-day juvenile swimming in the rearing tank, and Plate G is a 100-day juvenile. B: 1 day, C: 3 days, D: 5 days, E: 21 days, F: 50 days, G: 100 days (23°C).

DNA barcodes are available for 6 larvae hatched from this egg, and they match the sequences of 5 adult Umbrina robinsoni collected from the KZN coast (BOLD).


Linked samples Offshore Inshore
Eggs 32 139
Hits 25 58

This was a fairly uncommon egg off Park Rynie, seen in samples all year round, though peaking in winter and spring (blue graph). It was only seen once in the DHM samples, in July. The capture of eggs at Park Rynie, through the 19 years of sampling, has remained fairly steady (white graph). The Park Rynie linked samples showed more of these eggs inshore (81%), suggesting spawning around the 15m contour, in keeping with this species known preference for inshore reefs (K Hutchings pers. comm.). See Section 7.3 and Table 1 of the Introductory Notes, for more information on the linked samples. .