Ambassidae: K III B9B

Ambassis ambassis (Lacepède, 1802).  (= productus)

Longspine glassy


Egg diameter in µm

Number of oil globules

Diameter of oil globule in µm

Yolk texture

Perivitelline space

Position of oil globule at hatch

Gut length   at eye- pigment stage








30% of NL



Egg: This egg has only been seen in 4 samples, but is included here as it appears distinctive (A). The oil globule is rendered brown, centrally, due to the dense cluster of black pigment below the yellow (A). The large oil globule, relative to egg diameter (30%) is also unusual.

Larva: As illustrated.  B: 1 day, C: 2 days, D: 3 days (23°C).


This egg was only seen three times off Park Rynie, all in November. It was assumed to be an ambassid (possibly washed out of a local estuary), of which only A. natalensis and A. ambassis (=productus) are potential candidates, since A. dussumieri (=gymnocephalus) is accounted for (see KIIIB9).A batch of 13 eggs seen in November 2012, yielded 4 barcodes, which match 3 locally collected Ambasis ambassis (BOLD). Identification is tentative, until confirmed by at least one more larval barcode